Commitment to Wagyu beef


As a professional group of a yakiniku restaurant, we are particular about "WAGYU Ittō-ryū."

  • 「本物の和牛」とは

    What is genuine Wagyu beef?

    The term "A5 rank", which describes the quality of meat, has become widely known today. This standard is called BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) consisting of 12 grades, and A5 rank is the highest rank of No. 8 to 12. At URUTORA DINING, we use only those with marbling 10 or above. This "10 or more" is said to be "hard to get", and when it reaches 12, it is even called an "artwork". In order to provide the best taste to our customers, URUTORA DINING continues to be particular about "genuine Wagyu beef" with A5 rank and marbling of 10 or higher.

  • 黒毛和牛一頭買いへのこだわり

    Commitment to buying one entire cow of Japanese Black (Wagyu)

    "What should we do to have the finest Japanese Black beef at a reasonable price?" URUTORA DINING continues to pursue it and came up with the answer, "WAGYU Ittō-ryū" which purchases one entire cow, but not on a part basis. By carefully selecting Japanese Black Wagyu raised in the rich blessings of nature with a professional eye and buying one, we can provide all parts of the Wagyu beef in season and set a reasonable price. In addition, "safe and delicious yakiniku" requires thorough attention to the ingredients, and we believe that this can be achieved by "selecting carefully with our own eyes." URUTORA DINING is committed to the quality of meat seriously and carefully.

  • 美味しく召し上がっていただくための品質管理

    Quality control for delicious taste

    As a restaurant business, it goes without saying that we provide delicious food, but we also believe that it is equally important to provide our customers with safety and security. Even the best Wagyu beef cannot meke our customers impressed without the utmost care and strict quality control until the ingredients are delivered from the production area to the store, cooked and served. It is an honor for being selected from the many yakiniku restaurants and for we can see our customers. We attach great importance to compliance, take responsibility and pride as a beef professional, and understand and practice "ethics, fairness, and integrity." Pursuing safety, security and deliciousness, we will create a variety of options so that we can provide more enjoyable and delicious meals. We hopely can become our customers' "usual" yakiniku restaurant.