Have a great time with
outside skirt yakiniku
and red wine.

What HARAMIDO is particular about

  • A special funamori by one of the sister restaurants of Jyubei (the first branch)

    You can still enjoy our special funamori here at the sister restaurant of Jyubei, which is the first branch to buy whole cattle. Buying top-quality A5 whole Wagyu cattle enables us to operate at reasonable prices. We hope you give it a try.

  • Top-quality raw outside skirt

    We are able to offer top-quality raw outside skirt because we buy whole cattle and make the outside skirt the star of our dishes. Outside skirt sashimi and yukhoe are two of our must-try dishes.

  • We offer a selection of wine, any of which costs ¥2980.

    Our concept is to offer dishes that revolve around the outside skirt and pair them with reasonably-priced wine. You can enjoy a red wine that pairs perfectly with our carefully selected outside skirt at the reasonable price of ¥2980.


Restaurant Information

じゅう兵衛 はらみ堂
Adress 1F, 1-32-2, Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0031
Phone Number 03-3491-8938
Opening hours Lunch (Mon. to Fri.) 11:30pm - 2:00pm (Last order 1:30pm)
Dinner (Mon. to Sun.) 5:00pm - 11:30pm (Last order 11:00pm)
Regular day off Open all year round