Enjoy the Matsuzaka
beef directly from the production area.

What NIKU-BEI is particular about

  • Whole Matsusaka cattle delivered directly from the farm

    As we are committed to buying whole cattle, we purchase Whole genuine Matsusaka cattle from our contract farmers. Naturally, we offer classic cuts like sirloin, but we also offer other cuts like top blade and rump. Enjoy the fine marbling specific to cows.

  • Tongue aged at 2°C for a week

    The tongue is generally difficult to age. However, we let it age at the appropriate temperature of 2°C for a week to remove excess moisture and boost its umami flavor, creating an exquisite dish. Enjoy its flavor with soy sauce and rice malt or salt and wasabi.

  • The perfect pairing of Matsusaka beef with claypot rice and junmai daiginjo rice wine

    To complement the Matsusaka beef, we recommend pairing it with freshly cooked claypot rice made with carefully selected Japanese rice and junmai daiginjo rice wine. Needless to say, A5 Wagyu beef and rice are a match made in heaven. We hope you give this perfect pairing a try.


Restaurant Information

Name -The Matsusakaushi specialty restaurant- NIKU-BEI AKASAKA Honten
Adress 2F, AkasakaQueen Bld., 3-10-5, Akasaka , Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052
Phone Number 03-6441-2914
Opening hours [Mon. to Fri.]5:00pm - 11:30pm (Last order 10:45pm)
[Sat., Sun., & Holiday]5:00pm - 11:30pm (Last order 10:45pm)
Regular day off Open all year round