The concept of the membership-only yakiniku with private rooms, "KOSHITSU," is to experience something out of the ordinary.
Enjoy our proud Kobe beef course in a spacious private space limited to 2 groups a day. Alcohols such as beer, wine, sake, and cocktails are served as an all-you-can-drink without hassle.
This restaurant is the culmination of URUTORA DINING, which is packed with all the know-how of running many yakiniku restaurants.
Please enjoy the service that is worth more than the price.

This is a special course that was realized because "URUTORA DINING" offers both A5 Matsusaka beef and A5 Kobe beef. A service of all-you-can-drink is also provided together. The price of the courses is a special!

Extension fee 1 hour ¥ 1,000 / person

For reservations of 6 people or less, a KOSHITSU room usage fee is charged in addition to the above course fee.
[Part 1] 5:00om - 6:00pm [Part 2] After 9:00pm
KOSHITSU usage fee per 150 minutes 10,000 yen 5,000 yen
KOSHITSU extension usage fee 5,000 yen / 60 mins * Extension may not be possible depending on the reservation status.
chartered 5:00 pm to Cosing time / Prices start at 50,000 yen Please feel free to contact us

You can also order the resutaurant KIN-NIKUYA Shibuya’s menu

Reservation conditions

・ 6 people or more (up to 14 people) You may feel a little narrow when used by 13 people or more. ・ Reservations for 9 people or more will be for 4 people and 5 people including terrace seats. ・ Part 1 ... Starts at 18:00 Part 2 ... Start at 21:00 It is a two-part system. (Please contact us for early start and late start) ・ There is also a complete charter plan for one group per day. ・ Stay time is 150 minutes system. ・We offer only courses that include all-you-can-drink (self-service). ・Please help yourself to make your drink. ・We offer "Kobe beef course" at a more reasonable price than usual. ・You can bring your own drinks ・Please declare when you make a reservation if you bring food . ・Please select from the menu to add beef and dishes. ・For reservations of 6 people or less, a separate KOSHITU room charge will be charged.

About check

・Cancellation on the day ... 100% The day before ... 50% ・If you cancel without contacting us, your membership registration will be cancelled. ・Even if the number of people who come to the restaurant is less than the number of people you told us when you made the reservation, we charge for the number of people at the time of reservation. ・Payment is accepted by cash, credit card, paypay, and LINE pay.


・You cannot take away leftover drinks, sake, wine bottles, etc.(If you take it home, you will be billed separately.)

How to get a VIP card

We will talk to customers who have used it multiple times in the past at our restaurants and hand them out VIP cards.


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